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Introducing "Cash-Pay Practice Roadmap: Steps to Establishing and Thriving in Your Niche," the course that transforms your approach to private practice. Tailored for therapists at any stage, this course empowers you to establish, manage, and expand a specialized cash-pay practice. Stand out in the market by offering services that attract and retain clients who are ready to invest in their well-being.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Dana McNeil

Dr. Dana McNeil, a respected Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is the heart of this course. As the founder of The Relationship Place, based in San Diego, California, Dr. Dana is well-known for her expertise in couples' therapy, especially her use of the Gottman Method. Her role goes beyond therapy; as a certified Gottman Method therapist and instructor, she's shaping future therapists with her knowledge and experience.

Dr. Dana's breadth of experience encompasses a variety of relationship challenges: from premarital counseling to navigating the complexities of addiction recovery, from supporting military families to addressing the unique needs of LGBTQ+ and polyamorous relationships. Her engaging approach and deep understanding of relationship dynamics have made her a prominent speaker at leading conferences and a valuable contributor to media outlets like Business Insider and Oprah Living.

What You'll Gain

Foundation of Cash-Pay Practices:

Insights into the benefits

and operational models.

Niche Identification:

Strategies to pinpoint and validate your unique service offerings.

Business Operations:

Key practices for financial planning, legal considerations, and marketing.

Growth Strategies:

Tactics for client acquisition, retention, and expanding your business.

Why Enroll in This Course?

Expert Guidance:

Learn from Dr. Dana McNeil's

extensive experience.

Practical Techniques:

Apply real-world strategies to

your practice.

Exclusive Community:

Join a network of professionals for support and collaboration.

Ongoing Resources:

Access materials for continual

growth and learning.

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